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We have the total solution to frozen condensates and frost protection.

In February 2021 the country was hit by another smaller ‘Beast from the East’, again thousands of boilers and homeowners were affected.

Feedback from installers who had fitted our products advised that in temperatures of -21 their customers were protected.

We are proud to provide heating professionals with products that protect their customers, which also look quality on their homes.

Condensate Pro is the only product ‘out of the box’  that complies with Boiler manufacturers instructions, Benchmark, BS6798 and HHIC Condensate Guide 2021 ( 2.1)



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Helps the professional provide the best condensate protection

Save you time on the day of installation

Reduce mess with no need for sand and cement

Help you ensure a perfect installation every time

Comply with all Boiler MIs / BS6798 / Benchmark/ GasSafe TB155

Easy to upgrade all pipe sizes 21.5 mm / 32mm / 40mm

Can be fitted in all weather conditions quickly and easily

Come ready for installation right out of the box

Fit all wastes, soil pipes, rainwater pipes, and soakaways

Quality professional looks for every customers home

Are designed by installers for installers to make your job easier

Condensate Pro Drain

We prioritise speed, ease and a professional finish

It’s no secret boilers are more prone to breakdowns during the colder months. Around 15.5% of boiler breakdowns occur in January and 12% in December. Unfortunately, it’s at these times around the holidays that people need their boilers the most to ward off the freezing temperatures. Heating professionals are more likely to be called out to repair a boiler and the condensate pipes during these cold months, which is why our solutions prioritise speed, ease of installation and a great appearance.

Some homeowners don’t insulate their pipes as it looks messy and makes their beautiful homes look untidy. Condensate Pro kills two birds with one stone, protecting pipes and making them look presentable and aestheticly pleasing. You won’t be stuck in the cold and rain for hours fiddling with uncooperative pipes and insulation ties. You’ll be able to offer clients a top-quality service faster than ever before, getting their boiler back up and running with a neat, tidy, and professional finish. Condensate Pro condensate insulation kits, tools, and accessories give your business a customer service boost.

We use top-quality materials

Whether you’re a sole trader or have a huge team working with you, every installation needs to be of the highest professional standard. You need to satisfy customers, build a shining reputation, and make installations as quick and effective as possible to keep the cost of business down.

Condensate Pros tools, kits and insulated pipes use top-quality materials. They’re weather-resistant, UV-resistant and long-lasting, making every job you complete one you can be proud of. Condensate Pros solutions are a surefire way to differentiate yourself from the competition. The innovative designs help you exceed customer expectations, but they also help you care for your clients.


Condensate Pro Drift Kit
Condensate Pro Bond & Seal

Our values

The products at Condensate Pro are designed by installers, for installers. We have years of experience in the industry and understand the severity of the problems caused by frozen condensate pipes. We notice the impact this has on people who have to shell out on costly repairs and installers who have to work in cold conditions for clients, doing their best with sub-par insulation equipment. Condensate Pro is our way of introducing some standardisation into the condensate pipe insulation and installation process.

A simple change, where pipes come with neat, pre-attached insulation that fits securely has revolutionised the way we install condensate pipes. It will reduce the number of breakdowns caused by frozen condensate pipes, and get rid of messy, tiewrapped improvised methods of insulation which looks unprofessional.

We understand how hard it can be to battle the elements while trying to produce a great end-result for clients. That’s why our tools and products come ready-to-use and easy to maintain without the need for cement or sand. Our goal is to give installers and customers a product that infuses ease and quality into their lives and work.

About us

Broken boilers during winter when we need them most is a nightmare, all too often the cause is from frozen condensate pipes. That’s why we produce professional, tidy and effective condensate pipe insulation products and tools to ensure this never happens.

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