About Us

Condensate Pro is built on top of almost three decades of experience in the plumbing and heating industry. In that time we have seen one problem come up time and time again. It’s one we’re all too familiar with, frozen condensate pipes and the stress that comes with it. We found there was nothing on the market that could adequately solve the problem.

So we designed one ourselves.

We know that it isn’t always the installer’s fault; they just don’t have the right materials and tools for the job. It’s why we’ve created a line of reliable, aesthetically pleasing solutions that meets the high standards of a heating professional.

Our quality products and tools help plumbing and heating professions install a perfect solution to tackle frozen condensate pipes. Homeowners and landlords no longer have to worry about a frozen pipe in the height of winter. It’s constant heating throughout the cold season.

We wanted to Help installers; the Condensate Pro kits and tools do exactly that.

The ideas and designs come from people with knowledge of the industry. They know the pain points of the installer and the gripes of the homeowner. This solution leaves everyone satisfied with a job well done.

All the Condensate Pro products provide maximum protection from frozen condensate. They fit snugly into the wall, leaving you with a professional, consistent finish every single installation, removing the need for messy finishes. With a maximum install time of 30-45 minutes, engineers free up their time to focus on other aspects of the boiler install, rather than rushing to get the job done. It looks good and – most of all – it keeps people warm as boilers aren’t packing in over winter.