How the plumbing and heating industry is evolving

by | Feb 19, 2020

How the plumbing and heating industry is evolving

All industries in the UK are continually evolving. Technology is accelerating and growing at an incredible rate. And as it gets better, we can come up with more solutions to ease the common problems we experience. 

We’re in the middle of a technology revolution which is making our lives more convenient. And, as an added bonus, it’s making our bills cheaper! Here are some of the best innovations and what they can do for you.

Smart showers

Smart homes are becoming more popular. Companies like Samsung make it their business to boost innovation in heating across home appliances. But an interesting one is the smart shower. 

These come with fun features like voice control, digitally accurate and reliable temperature settings, and safety features for all members of the family. Some even have Bluetooth speakers built into the showerhead so the water doesn’t drown out your favourite tunes.

Heat pump innovation

Traditional methods of heating aren’t perfect. They release carbon which contributes to climate change. Heat pumps aren’t a new invention, but they’re definitely becoming stronger and more effective. 

They’re the most energy-efficient model for heating and cooling, but not always the most practical. Sometimes, extreme temperatures can render heat pumps ineffective. New generations of heat pumps are now equipped with the ability to handle extremes in temperature, drawing heat from dual sources like the air and ground to heat homes. If the UK wants to reach the Net Zero 2050 target, households need to reduce their emissions by 95%. Installing heat pumps could bring the UK closer to this goal. 

Condensate insulation

Frozen condensate in pipes is both a very simple problem to solve with the right equipment, yet incredibly common in the winter. You could unfreeze the pipe using your kettle. But the simpler solution is to insulate the pipes to prevent freezing in the first place.

In the past, pipe insulation has been messy, often using zip ties to attach bulky insulation to pipes, giving it an unprofessional finish. 

There are better tools and pre-insulated pipes out there that solve condensate-related issues. These pipes come with UV- and weather-resistant insulation pre-attached, in handy kits with all the parts you need for a quick condensate pipe installation or upgrade. They also provide all the extras you need to make sure it’s a high-quality job. 

The size of an idea isn’t what matters; it’s the impact which is important. These three innovations are just a few examples of the developments keeping the plumbing and heating industry on its toes and heading in the right direction. It’s exciting to see what comes next!

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