How to save time during boiler installation

by | Nov 7, 2019

How to save time during boiler installation

boiler installation

How to save time during boiler installation

The time needed to install a new boiler depends on many factors. What type of boiler are you installing? Do you need to convert any of the old system? You’ll need to consider the location of the new boiler and whether the heating system meets current Gas Safe regulations. 

There are several things that can impact the time needed to install a new boiler. But there are a number of ways to keep this time to a minimum, saving both you and your clients valuable time and money.

Invest in quality tools

Without the right tools, a job can take a lifetime. As a professionals tradesperson, it’s likely you’ll have all the right tools. But a quick job often depends on the quality of these tools. Some professionals are inclined to buy cheaper tools to save money and widen their profit margins, but this can have the opposite of the desired effect. 

Cheap tools can make simple jobs more difficult. Things like pipe cutting, insulation cutting, or pipe bending can take much longer than they should. It makes the whole installation process drag. This ends up costing you time and can eat into your profits and customer satisfaction. 

Then there’s the cost of more frequent tool replacements. It won’t only affect your profits, but high hourly costs will also deter customers, leading to less work for you and your business. 

Include advanced training for staff

You and your staff will benefit greatly from consistent and advanced training. The more experience you and your staff have, the greater your understanding of the boiler installation process. You’ll have better knowledge of the latest advancements in the industry, new tricks to speed up the process, and the best products on the market. This gives you an edge in installation. 

Use time-saving products

Time-saving products shouldn’t just save you time on installation. They should also be high-quality and provide a professional finish. And they should solve some common issues you face during the installation process. 

For example, fitting condensate pipes during poor weather means you’ll be cold, wet, and it will be difficult to use sand and cement to get the job done. But if you had something ready-to-use and insulated out of the box with no need for sand and cement, you could improve installation times and overall quality. 

It’s factors like this that determine whether a product will aid your installation process. You should ask yourself:

  • Does it make my life easier?
  • Does it enhance the result?
  • Will it improve customer satisfaction?

If the answer is yes, you’ll likely benefit from time savings, increased profits, and more business as word spreads about your brilliant service.

At Condensate Pro, we’ve come up with a range of products and tools to make condensate pipe installation and insulation quick and simple. There is no fiddling about in poor conditions. Everything you need comes ready-to-use, made from top-quality materials so you can get the job done quickly to a professional standard. See our range of condensate insulation products and tools on our website.

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