Connection Kit

Condensate Pro connection kit


  • One connection that fits 32mm solvent waste  pipe 
  • One 85g tube of Bond and Seal
  • One length of spacer bar
  • One pipe clip (50mm)
  • One pipe snug

The Condensate Pro connection kit prioritises easy installation and high-quality design to ensure every fitting is protected against freezing conditions and looks clean and pleasing no matter where it’s fitted. 

The pre-made connection that fits 32mm solvent waste pipe is ready to go right out of the box. Use the Bond & Seal to connect more insulation to make sure all pipes are protected. Use the pipe snug for easy fitting without the need for sand and cement or wet trade for swift assembly in all weather conditions. Use the spacer bar in combination with the pipe clip to ensure debris and dirt don’t collect behind pipes for a tidier, spotless look for clients. Watch the video to see how easy it is to protect and connect with the connection kit.

Condensate Pro developed a hybrid polymer sealant that professionally bonds and seals condensate insulation. It comes in an 85g tube with a seal cap. The deep black colour blends seamlessly with the condensate insulation and connection and termination kits, creating an unbroken look along pipes, leaving no areas vulnerable to freezing.

Once cured, Bond & Seal is flexible in extremes of both heat and cold and offers easy dismantling without damage to the insulation pipework. Watch the video to see how easy it is to use Bond & Seal.

Professional consistent finish every time

Compliant to all BS Installation Standards

Save time on every installation

Ready to go tools with minimal fuss