Connection Kit 2


One connection (fits 32mm solvent waste)

One 150g mastic gun tube of Bond and Seal

One length of spacer bar

One pipe clip (50mm)

The Condensate Pro connection kit prioritises easy installation and high-quality design to ensure every external condensate is protected against freezing conditions and looks perfect no matter where it’s fitted.

Connection Kit 2 has been launched to make sure professional installers have everything needed to not only install to provide the very best protection but also comply with all regulations and Boiler manufacturer’s instructions.

Many boiler manufacturers are asking to take the insulation through the fabric of the wall to the inside or to take the insulation and seal it in the fabric of the wall.

This means that a 65mm hole is needed to comply, which then needs to be sealed correctly.

We have also had feedback, where a Pipesnug can’t be fitted, as the hole has been cored out or its too large and they need more Bond & Seal to make a quality seal around the fabric of the wall.

So we have removed the Pipesnug and provided 150g of Bond & Seal (nearly double the previous amount) in a tube that fits into a mastic gun, so you have more Bond & Seal and can comply with all MIs and regulations.

You can still use a Pipesnug if required as they are readily available from your merchants separately.

Professional consistent finish every time

Compliant to all BS Installation Standards

Save time on every installation

Ready to go tools with minimal fuss