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When installing   Air Source Heat Pumps it is important that they are insulated correctly to make sure every bit of energy is used efficiently.

Until now, the products available have been very hard to install to a standard that not only retains the heat/efficiency but also looks aesthetically pleasing to the customer/homeowner

Primary Pro helps the professional installer fit the very best installation  in all weather and look quality on customers homes or property 

It is simple to maintain without having to replace or renew any of the insulation  throughout  the lifetime of the heating system, so saving on lifetime cost and the environment 

The primary pro Q & A has answers to  question plus have loads of  videos on there to help and advise 

Simpel to fit

So simple and cost-effective to  protect any external heating pipework with just our insulation and Bond & Seal

our inflation can be also used to insulate through the wall to the length needed and then seal to any wall fabric with our Bond & seal

Both the unique coating on the insulation and  bond & seal expand and contracts to all different temperatures

maintaining through the life of the heating system could not be easier as all it will need is  recoating with our water-based maintenance cote as and when needed

take a look at the video to show you how easy it is to fit and seal all joints to provide the very best insulation and maximise the heating system




28mm x 19mm Insulation

Our insulation is for 28mm pipe and the wall thickness is 19mm. It can take soldered or crimp fittings.

Comes in one-meter length with our unique weather & UV protective coating, so you can cut/mitre to the size you need. It’s also simple to cut and insulate all isolation valves or any other external fittings

To make sure the heating pipework is fully insulated, take insulation through the fabric of wall, cut to the required length, and then seal with our Bond & Seal.

Bond & Seal 290ml

Our Bond & Seal 290ml not only helps installers seal all joints on angles, it also provides the perfect seal for the insulation through the wall to stop any energy loss, or weather (rain/snow) entering the inner fabric of the wall

You can also use our Bond & Seal to seal our insulation or pre-insulated flexible pipes to the heat pump, as with it being flexible when cured, it takes the impact of any vibration from the heat pump.

As the Bond & Seal is subjected to all weathers, when cured it will expand and contract to the different temperatures required.

Take a look at the video 

Condensate Pro Insulation

Where the condensate needs to be taken from the heat pump to a drain or soakaway, our Condensate Pro for 35mm solvent waste pipe is perfect to provide the protection needed 

Cut to required lengths and angles, and seal with our Bond & Seal to make sure no moisture can penetrate the insulation.

Our Condensate Pro insulation was the reason many ASHP installers contacted us to make the heating pipework insulation, as they had been using this to protect the condensate on the heat pump units they were installing 

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