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Whether you’re a sole trader or have a large team working for you, it’s essential that every installation is of the highest professional standard. This means using high-quality materials, being time-efficient – especially when the weather isn’t on your side – and providing a top-class experience for your customers. With our range of condensate pipe insulation kits, tools, and accessories, Condensate Pro has made seamless, neat, and clean installation simple.

Condensate Insulation

The condensate insulation pack contains three 1m semi-rigid insulation pipes, perfect for protection against frozen condensate. Each length of insulation is protected with our unique UV-stable and weather-resistant coating, making it the perfect solution for external condensate protection. The insulation has been specially designed for easy cutting, mitering and bonding. 

 With clean cuts and the use of the Condensate Pro PPS Bond & Seal, you create sleek, clean finishes around all pipework, offering maximum protection and a finished look. The Condensate Pro condensate insulation pack comes in a rigid, solid cardboard box, making the packaging environmentally friendly and easy to dispose of, as well as ensuring it gets from A to B safely in the back of the van, no matter how busy your day is.

PPS Bond & Seal

Condensate Pro developed a hybrid polymer sealant that professionally bonds and seals condensate insulation. It comes in an 85g tube with a seal cap. The deep black colour blends seamlessly with the condensate insulation and connection and termination kits, creating an unbroken look along pipes, leaving no areas vulnerable to freezing.

 Once cured, Bond & Seal is flexible in extremes of both heat and cold and offers easy dismantling without damage to the insulation pipework. Watch the video to see how easy it is to use Bond & Seal.

Connection Kit


  • One connection
  • One 85g tube of Bond and Seal
  • One length of spacer bar
  • One pipe clip (50mm)
  • One pipe snug

 The Condensate Pro connection kit prioritises easy installation and high-quality design to ensure every fitting is protected against freezing conditions and looks clean and pleasing no matter where it’s fitted. 

The pre-made connection is ready to go right out of the box. Use the Bond & Seal to connect more insulation to make sure all pipes are protected. Use the pipe snug for easy fitting without the need for sand and cement or wet trade for swift assembly in all weather conditions. Use the spacer bar in combination with the pipe clip to ensure debris and dirt don’t collect behind pipes for a tidier, spotless look for clients. Watch the video to see how easy it is to protect and connect with the connection kit.

Termination Kit


  • One insulated and adjustable termination
  • One length of spacer bar
  • One pipe clip (50mm)

 The termination kit has everything you need for a professional, hassle-free installation on-site. The 32mm solvent weld pipe termination comes pre-made so it’s ready to go right out of the box. The internal joint hasn’t been glued, so it remains adjustable to connect at any angle, providing seamless condensate pipe protection whether it’s connected to the soil pipe, rainwater pipe, soakaway, or drain as and when needed. 

 The kit, designed by installers, adapts to make the installation process quick and simple while enhancing the finished look. Watch the video to see how the termination kit speeds up the installation process and produces a high-quality finish

Combo kit 1m

There are many condensate installations that are one metre or under.
So we thought it would be great for installers to have everything in one box. Easy to order and have ready to install

  • One 1m length of insulation
  • One connection
  • One tube of Bond and Seal
  • One length of spacer bar
  • Two pipe clips (50mm)
  • One pipe snug

Maintenance Coat

1x 250ml tin of Condensate Pro Maintenance Paint

Drift Kit


  • One drift bar
  • One hex drive bolt
  • One overflow pipe drift head (21.5mm)
  • One solvent weld pipe drift head (32mm)
  • One solvent weld pipe drift head (40mm)

 Millions of boilers are fitted with substandard external condensate pipe protection, with many small overflow pipes with little or no insulation. These pipes freeze easily and are a leading cause of boiler breakdown. This is due to a lack of standardisation with insulation installation and a lack of complete products to help you get the job done swiftly with a professional finish. 

 Condensate Pro hasn’t only come up with easy-to-install professional condensate insulation kits, but we have also designed and manufactured a solution for professionals to upgrade or enlarge existing external condensate pipes with this simple drift kit. With three sizes for overflow pipes and 40mm waste pipes, drilling larger holes as you upgrade the piping system is no longer a time-consuming problem.

Grinder Head

Not all homes are built the same. Installers regularly come up against a variety of materials and surfaces. But when these surfaces are hard and uneven, jobs can take longer, meaning you rush later parts of the installation process. 

 This 76mm grinder head is designed to grind a three-inch flat face against irregular faced stonework. When you come to install the connection kit, your pipe snug will fit securely for an effective, protective, and professional finish, no matter where you’re working. 

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