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What is the difference between Condensate Pro and Class O insulation


Condensate Pro has been made solely for external  protection of Condensates and now with our Primary pro external heating pipework

Our unique coating on the insulation and fittings has been specially tested to be weather and UV Proof

Condensate Pro looks quality on all homes or properties and is something a professional can be proud to fit to protect their customers when winter comes and the temperatures drop

Would you recommend your products for DIY

No, as your condensate is connected to your boiler it should only be installed and serviced by a skilled professional

External condensates need to be insulated and sealed correctly to provide maximum protection. Ask your heating professional to make sure your condensate is protected to the correct standards (BS 6798 and Manufacturer’s instructions)

Many thousands of boilers stopped working due to frozen condensates that either did not have insulation fitted or was not fitted to the correct standards

If you need help finding a professional in your area please send us your information in the ‘contact us’ section on the page below



Does Condensate Pro Insulation have the 32mm waste pipe included

No, The reason is if you have a 32mm pipe longer then 1 metre (example 2.2m) you would have to use more pipe connections to join

This way just cut your 32mm pipe to length, add the insulation on and seal the joints with Condensate Pro Bond and Seal



What do i need for every job ?

Condensate Pro has three products for every scenario

The Condensate Pro connection kit has everything in one box for connecting and sealing to the wall (There is enough Bond and Seal for sealing all the joints on the insulation used)

Condensate Pro Insulation comes with 3 x 1 m lengths to extend from the connection to the termination drain

The Condensate Pro Termination Kit was specially made to help with soil pipe installation and can also be used for a ready-made offset


Have a look  at the ‘how to videos’ in the Learning Centre tab



What do we need the Grinder Head for?

We have tried to think of every job/scenario a professional will find and give them products and tools to solve each one.

If there is a stone wall or uneven surface, such as a rendered or pebble-dashed wall, then it would be impossible to get a quality fit for a Pipesnug. We made the Condensate Pro Grinder Head to solve this problem

Take a look at the how-to video in the learning centre tab





Can you easily replace if any Condensate Pro insulation is damaged ?

yes !!!

And its is simple to replace using the Condensate pro insulation and Bond & Seal 

 Take a look at the video taking you through how to replace and also re-coat 




As a home owner, Landlord or property owner what do i need to look for to make sure my boiler is protected


Your boiler will have a small plastic pipe coming from the bottom

Follow that pipe where it goes through the wall to the outside and check if the pipe is fully insulated and has no gaps or joints open where it can freeze.

If the pipe runs to another waste pipe internally, for example under a  sink or washing machine waste that then goes outside, check as above that it is insulated correctly.

Also, look at the question of connecting condensate pipes to other waste pipes such as under sinks and washing machines.

Have a look at the video to help you as all these condensates have not been installed correctly outside, or contact us and we can help.