How to use the Condensate Pro products

We designed all our kits, tools, and accessories to allow simple and fast installation. Watch the videos below to see how easy it is to install Condensate Pro products, no matter the weather or building. 

Installing the connection kit

Each kit contains: 

  • One connection
  • One 85g tube of Bond & Seal
  • One length of spacer bar
  • One pipe snug
  • One 50mm pipe clip

Each connection comes with more than enough insulation, allowing you to cut and adapt the connection to the right length for a snug, tight fit on any wall. You can use the Condensate Pro grinder head to help you grind a three-inch flat face against irregular-faced stonework, allowing you to produce a tight fit on any surface you come up against. 

Watch the helpful video demonstration to see how you can create a sleek, high-quality finish in just a few steps. 

Using the PPS Bond & Seal

Bond & Seal’s black appearance ensures it blends in with the condensate insulation products, creating strong bonds with minimal disruption to the sleek look of connections and pipes. Bond & Seal works on multiple materials, ensuring it works harmoniously with the Condensate Pro products. It’s perfect for adding a tidy finish to the edges of your connections and pipes.

Installing the termination kit on a soil pipe

Extending from the already installed connection kit with the insulated pipe, you can use the Condensate Pro termination kit to connect to the soil pipe, saving you time and resulting in the perfect installation.

The Condensate Pro termination comes pre-insulated. All you need to do is cut it to size and adjust to achieve the right angle to join with the connection kit and insulated pipe.

It’s that simple. Watch the video to see for yourself

Installing the termination kit to a waste gully or soakaway

Extending from the already installed connection kit, you can link to the waste gully or soakaway with just a Condensate Pro insulated pipe.

Sometimes the gully or soakaway isn’t perfectly aligned with the wall connection. Here, the adjustable head of the insulated termination comes in handy, allowing you to direct the pipes into the gully or soakaway.

Take a look at the video to see how the termination kit can save you time.

Connecting to and from rainwater pipes

You have two options when connecting to and from your rainwater pipes: connect the condensate pipe to the rainwater pipe or connect the rainwater pipe to the condensate pipe. Condensate Pro makes both options a seamless process. 

You can adjust both the connection pipe and termination pipe to align perfectly with your rainwater connection. You can connect pipes using a hopper, however, Condensate Pro recommend a different method to reduce the chances of blockages, creating a more streamlined look.

Using the drift kit

A common problem many installers come up against when retrofitting or upgrading condensate pipes is the difficulty of drilling larger holes around existing pipes to carry out the work. To solve this problem, Condensate Pro has created a drift kit which comes in three sizes, making upgrades quick and easy. 

Using the grinder head

You don’t always know what surface you’ll come up against when fitting condensate pipes. If the wall face is uneven, it’s difficult to create a tight, effective seal with the pipe snug. The grinder head eliminates this problem in seconds, creating a neat, flat, perfectly sized surface where the pipe snug meets the wall.

You can see how the grinder head speeds up the process in the video above.