How to use the Condensate Pro products

We designed all our kits, tools, and accessories to allow simple and fast installation. Watch the videos below to see how easy it is to install Condensate Pro products, no matter the weather or building. 

Installing the connection in the Connection kit and Combo Kit


Making the connection through the wall and making a good seal can be a pain, however with the Condensate Pro connection kit you have everything ready in one box

The connection comes with more than enough insulation, allowing you to cut and adapt the connection to the right length for any wall type

Included in the connection kit is a PipeSnug and Bond and Seal to make the perfect fit, and a spacer bar to make sure the insulation is not touching the wall.

The video shows how to use and fit the connection kit easily in all weather

Installing the connection in the Connection kit 2 / Combo Kit 2

Making the connection through the wall and making a good seal can be a pain, however with the Condensate Pro connection kit 2 / Combo Kit 2 you have everything ready in one box

Connection Kit 2 / Combo Kit 2 has been launched to make sure the professional installers have all they need to not only install and to provide the very best protection but also comply with all regulations and Boiler manufacturers instructions

Many boiler manufactures ask you to take the insulation through the fabric of the wall to the inside or to take the insulation and seal into the fabric of the wall.

This means that a 65mm hole is needed to comply and then needs to be sealed correctly .

we have also had feedback where a pipesnug can’t be fitted as the hole has been cored out or it is too large meaning more bond & seal is needed to make a quality seal around the fabric of the wall.

To avoid this we have removed the pipesnug and provided 150g of bond and seal (nearly double the amount) in a tube that fits into a mastic gun, giving you more bond & seal to help comply with all MIs and regulations

When using the 150g Bond and Seal to make the perfect seal to the fabric of the wall and the insulation, use a spacer bar to cut and use with 50mm clips making sure the insulation is not touching the wall.

The video shows how to use and fit the connection easily in all weather 


Using the Bond & Seal 85g

Sealing the Condensate Pro insulation joints and also sealing to the PipeSnug is very important and that is why we have our own product ‘Bond & Seal’

The Bond and Seal has four main uses,

  • To bond all joints and connections to the insulation and PipeSnug
  • To seal (cap) all joints to make sure no moisture, water, rain or snow gets in between the waste pipe and insulation
  • Expand and contract with the different temperatures
  • To repair and maintain any surface damaged areas of the insulation before applying the Maintenance Coat.

Bond & Seal’s black appearance ensures it blends in with the condensate insulation products, creating strong bonds with minimal disruption to the sleek look of connections and pipes.

Bond & Seal works on multiple materials, ensuring it works harmoniously with the Condensate Pro products. It’s perfect for adding a tidy finish to the edges of your connections and pipes.

Installing the termination kit on a soil pipe

We want to provide you with everything to make installation fast as very often time and weather are not on your side.

Extending from the connection kit with the insulated pipe you can use the Condensate Pro termination kit to connect to the soil pipe, saving you time and resulting in the perfect installation.

The Condensate Pro termination comes pre-insulated. All you need to do is cut it to size and adjust to achieve the right angle to join with the connection kit and insulated pipe.

It’s that simple. Watch the video to see for yourself

Installing the termination kit to a waste gully or soakaway

Extending from the already installed connection kit, you can link to the waste gully or soakaway with just a Condensate Pro insulated pipe.

Sometimes the gully or soakaway isn’t perfectly aligned with the wall connection. Here, the adjustable head of the insulated termination comes in handy, allowing you to direct the pipes into the gully or soakaway.

Take a look at the video to see how the termination kit can save you time.

Connecting to rainwater pipes

You have two options when connecting to and from your rainwater pipes. Either connect the condensate pipe to the rainwater pipe or connect the rainwater pipe to the condensate pipe. Condensate Pro makes both options a seamless process. 

You can adjust both the connection pipe and termination pipe to align perfectly with your rainwater connection. You can connect pipes using a hopper, however, Condensate Pro recommend a different method to reduce the chances of blockages, creating a more streamlined look.

Using the drift kit

Millions of boilers are fitted with substandard external condensate protection, many with small overflow pipes with little or no insulation which freezes very easily.

Professional installers are finding when servicing their customer’s boilers that the external condensate requires upgrading to help protect in freezing weather conditions.

Replacing or upgrading meant the pipework and hole must be made larger, that was an issue until now.

Condensate Pro has designed and manufactured a solution for professionals to easily upgrade existing external condensates.

The Condensate Pro Drift Kit contains 3 sizes for 21.5mm overflow pipes, 32mm and 40mm waste pipes




Using the grinder head

You don’t always know what surface you’ll come up against when fitting Condensate Pro kits. If the wall face is uneven it’s difficult to create a tight, effective seal with the PipeSnug. The grinder head eliminates this problem in seconds, creating a neat, flat, perfectly sized surface where the PipeSnug meets the wall

With the Connection Kit 2 and Combo Kit 2 a 65mm core hole is needed. Using the Grinder Head first make a seal around either a flat wall (brick) or uneven wall (stone), then use the 150g Bond & Seal to make the perfect seal/gasket.

See how the Grinder Head speeds up the process in the video.


when you buy a Grinder head and drift kit please contact us for your Free extension Bar ( email and we will send one )

Using Drift Kit and Grinder Head together

When you have an existing pipe on a stone or uneven wall, the surface needs to be flattened so the PipeSnug which is included in the connection kit fits perfectly

The extension bar allows you to connect the Condensate Pro Grinder Head with the Drift Kit heads to make a perfect flat face before enlarging the hole to 52mm

Please note the extension bar is sent free when you purchase the Drift kit and Grinder Head

Please contact us and we will send you the extension bar free of charge when you have purchased both tools

How to make air break with Condensate Pro

With climate change causing many areas to flood, we have to not only make sure we look at protecting condensates from freezing temperatures but also from water backing up due to water levels changing and drains blocking .

You may have to provide an air break on the outside to protect the condensate from backing up, however it will also need to be protected from winter temperatures and wind chill.

Here is how to make an external air break with Condensate Pro insulation and Bond & Seal to ensure you have one ready for an installation as and when needed.


How to make pre made 90 & 45 elbows

Anything to save time on the day of the installation helps a lot so pre-making 90 & 45 elbows ready for as and when they are needed will be a massive help.

The video takes you through how to make them.

If you need help or want some elbows made up as these may not be an item yet stocked in merchants,  please message as we are there to help.

You can use all your offcuts and make these ready for installation to help save time or when it’s really bad weather on the day.

Maintaining CondensatePro Products

It easy to keep Condensate Pro looking as good as it did when it was first installed and even if there was any damage we have that covered

We want to make sure you can easily repair and maintain Condensate Pro so it keeps providing maximum protection with quality looks

The video takes you through how to maintain and repair as and when needed