Termination Kit


  • One insulated and adjustable termination ( fits 32mm solvent waste pipe )
  • One length of spacer bar
  • One pipe clip (50mm)

The termination kit has everything you need for a professional, hassle-free installation on-site. The 32mm solvent weld pipe termination comes pre-made so it’s ready to go right out of the box. The internal joint hasn’t been glued, so it remains adjustable to connect at any angle, providing seamless condensate pipe protection whether it’s connected to the soil pipe, rainwater pipe, soakaway, or drain as and when needed. 

The kit, designed by installers, adapts to make the installation process quick and simple while enhancing the finished look. Watch the video to see how the termination kit speeds up the installation process and produces a high-quality finish

Professional consistent finish every time

Compliant to all BS Installation Standards

Save time on every installation

Ready to go tools with minimal fuss