Ideal Heating endorsement & product bulletin

by | Feb 22, 2021

Ideal Heating endorsement & product bulletin

We are proud to announce that Ideal Heating have issued a product bulletin endorsing all our Condensate Pro products and tools for their range of boilers.

Ideal Heating has the full range of Combi/System and heat only boilers, and each boiler type has different products to suit the customer and professional installer.

Ideal Heating released this bulletin on the 17th Feb 2021 to advise installers of the best measures to take when condensate waste pipes have to be taken outside, whether straight from the boiler to the outside or to another waste pipe that then goes to the outside. They have evaluated that when fitted, the Condensate Pro range of products and tools will provide the best protection and comply to the installation instructions on all their boilers.

We know as professional heating engineers that condensates are best terminated inside, however 70% of homes and properties don’t have an internal drain and many new homes still only have external drains.

For the professional heating installer, Condensate Pro provides the best solution on the market to protect the boiler and their customer while looking quality and complying with Ideal Heating’s installation and servicing instruction.  

It also helps to upgrade the millions out there that are not protected to the standards they should be.

For the home-owner, please make sure you listen to your professional heating installer on any new boiler replacement or boiler service as is it does need protecting. They want to provide the best and protect you/your boiler and its warranty.

The industry has learnt from 2010 and 2018 when tens of thousands had no heating due to frozen condensates, and also the weather we have seen over the last few weeks in 2021 was yet another wake-up call, it was nothing like we’ve experienced in the past but many did still have problems.

Ideal Heating have evaluated Condensate Pro and found it a quality solution to help make frozen condensates a problem of the past.

Condensate Pro is the ONLY product ‘out of the box’ that complies to Ideal Heating’s installation and service instruction, British Standard 6798 and the new HHIC condensate guide 21 which they released in February 2021.

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