Intergas endorsement

by | May 5, 2021

Intergas endorsement

Frost protection / condensate protection on a boiler is something homeowners only find they don’t have when it is too late and their boiler stops working just when they need it the most.  Many then try to defrost it themselves which can be very dangerous.

What they don’t know is that it is not only a Regulation and British Standard for the heating installer to make sure all new boilers have the correct protection to stop this happening, but also part of all boiler manufacturer’s installation requirements.

However, frozen condensates and boiler breakdowns have continued to be a very serious issue every year in several areas of the UK.

Sometimes, like we have seen in the past and this February, we see temperatures drop across the whole country. This highlighted just how many boilers there are with either no protection or incorrect protection when its needed.

Climate change we have been warned, will become more frequent with very hot summers, rain causing severe flooding and extremely cold winters.

With this, condensate protection becomes a very important part of the boiler and heating system. Professional heating installers need to have the right products and tools to help protect their customers. In the past this has been a problem for them as what was available was either not fit for the job or was very hard to fit in in the different weather conditions the installer has to work in.

This is why the team at Condensate Pro worked for over 3 years to find the total solution for installer, homeowner and industry.

We wanted to provide all the Condensate Pro products and tools to help installers provide max protection and quality looks on their customer’s homes and properties.

Condensate Pro also understand that Boiler manufacturers need to be protected, as they provide the boilers with 8,10 and now 12 year manufacturer’s warranties.

If a boiler stops working, the homeowner/ customer will think they are covered by the boiler manufacturer’s warranty, however, this only covers the boiler and not the installation, meaning many boiler manufacturers are inundated with warranty calls that are nothing to do with the boiler itself but other parts of the installation.

One fault they receive calls for help is a frozen condensate that stops the boiler; In winter, boiler manufacturers get many calls regarding boilers that have stopped working due to frozen condensates. This is highlighted when we get a severe winter such as the one experienced this February, it was nothing like 2018 as that lasted a few weeks, but we did have the same freezing temperatures that caused thousands of boilers to stop working due to frozen condensates. Many boiler manufacturers added a recorded message like the one below. Customers calling for help thinking their boiler was under warranty were advised that frozen condensate issues are not covered on the warranty and to call their installers or to try to unfreeze this themselves.

Manufacturer’s info to customer in winter periods

It is not only very dangerous for homeowners to start pouring hot water on a frozen pipe in freezing conditions, but also for the heating engineers travelling to try and help in very risky driving conditions.

Intergas has been one of the boiler manufacturers to see Condensate Pro is a quality solution to the problems we have seen ever since high efficiency boilers become mandatory.

They knew that asking installers to fit condensates internally was impossible for 70% of properties in the UK as they do not have an internal drain / soil pipe.

Intergas invited Condensate Pro to come for a meeting and present not only their products but also their findings from over the last 3 years working to provide every termination solution.

Intergas then spent 6 months looking at the products and scenarios we presented. They looked at what impact this had on them as a manufacturer as well as the installer, to help them install maximum protection to the Standards and Regulations required,  while also looking aesthetically pleasing on a customer’s home or property

Condensate Pro is proud that Intergas have not only endorsed Condensate Pro products and tools but also supported an installation technique that not only helps installers on the installation but also helps take the condensate away faster to keep the heat in the condensate water to termination.

Intergas sent the endorsement below and advised that Condensate Pro will be the only   condensate protection they recommend and will be mentioned in all the installation instructions on their full range of boilers.

As heating professionals know, Manufacturer’s instructions are updated when a new boiler is produced and there will be existing boilers in circulation that don’t have the updated Manufacturer’s instructions.

Intergas endorse and support installing Condensate Pro to all their boiler range that are in stock at your chosen merchants, now and in the future.

Condensate Pro main aim is to make frozen condensates a thing of the past, protecting homeowners, installers, boiler manufacturers and industry.

Letter of endorsement from Intergas

Intergas Boiler instructions

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