Vaillant Support Condensate Pro Products and Tools to help professionals

by | Mar 3, 2022

Vaillant Support Condensate Pro Products and Tools to help professionals

Since the launch Of Condensate Pro, Vaillant Group have supported and approved all the products and tools we have designed and made.

Condensate Pro has also made changes to make sure all our products have what is needed to comply with Vaillant and any other boiler manufacturer’s instructions.

This is why you may have noticed that our Connection Kit and Combo Kit have changed to Connection Kit 2 and Combo Kit 2, to provide the products needed to insulate through the wall as required

The original Condensate Pro Connection kit and Combo kit can still be used… you would just omit using the PipeSnug and core a 65mm hole to take the insulation all the way through the fabric of the wall.

With climate change bringing hotter, wetter and colder weather patterns, and the introduction of hydrogen in the future to the gas network which produces more water when burnt, correct condensate protection has never been so important, to make sure we protect our customers and their boilers as and when needed

Over the last 12 months, Vaillant have also changed their manufacturer’s instructions to provide more information on what is required of the Professional installer when installing a new boiler/system or replacing the boiler only

Below is the information for condensate protection in the Vaillant manufacturer’s instructions for all their range ( You will also find the same or similar in their other Brands, like Glowworm ) showing what is required

Over the last 12 months, Vaillant has alsCondensate Pro has all the products, and also solutions, for all termination scenarios that Vaillant’s manufacturer’s instructions require. We wanted to provide the professional Installer with a total solution for condensate protection

Condensate Pro is the only product that complies with manufacturer’s instructions, BS6798 , HHIC Condensate Guide 2.1 Feb 2021 and the Gas Safe TB155

Drain Termination
Rainwater Termination
Soil pipe Termination use our Condensate Pro Termination Kit

Customers will not know if their Condensate is protected until it’s to late and find out there is not and left without heating to then try to unfreeze themselves wich can be very dangerous, Or contact a professional for their help wich, in turn, is very dangerous travelling in subzero conditions

Condensate pro provide the very best protection for the customer and the boiler/heating system, complies with all standards and regulation and look quality on the customer’s home or property

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